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5 Classy & Cute Baby Shower Themes

Bringing a new life into this world is indeed a reason to celebrate. Those little bundles of joys simply change your life forever. Whether it's your first child, second, or fifth. Whether its your first grandchild or twentieth. Each child will have their own gifts, their own personalities, and their own journey. Therefore, each baby should have a creative and unique baby shower theme. Truth be told, I never did have a baby shower for my little angle and I really wish I would have. These 5 themes are simply stunning, fun, and classy.

Easy DIY New Years Eve Tablescape Design for a Wedding or Party

New Years Eve can be an enchanting time, whether you are just planning a party or tying the know at your wedding. Gold, black, and silver are always classy, yet, sophisticated choices for a table design on New Year's. This was a fun impromptu New Year's Eve table design I created. Don't you just love the clock plate inserts? At the end of this post I list out what you need to recreate this look.

You can see all the detailed pictures below or watch this video.


Rustic Woodland Winter Tablescape for Christmas

This is a fun winter tablescape I designed for a rustic Christmas look. I used loads of evergreen textures, with natural elements. The simple color palette of mint green, white, & brown keep the look light and refreshing.

Rustic Woodland Winter Tablescape for Christmas

6 Steps to Selecting a Theme & Color Scheme for Your Party

Parties are meant to be a fun celebration of an occasion, a person, or an announcement. It's important that they reflect the occasion by being personal rather than traditional. When I sit down with a client to help them design a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, anniversary party, bridal shower, engagement party or whatever, I always go through the same steps and today I am going to share them with you, so you can ROCK your next party.

Summertime = Party time! 7 Important Keys to Making the most of your Summer Galas

Welcome to our May Blog Hop!

Get ready for some great ideas, inspiration and how to as you move along through the blog hop.

Samantha's 5th Circus/Carnival Birthday Extravaganza

My daughter has always loved animals and after taking her to the Ringling Brothers circus we knew that her next party would be a fun recreation of the circus with a little carnival tossed in to. As a mother, birthday parties can be extremely stressful for my daughter who suffers from SPD, ADHD, and a host of anxiety issues. Not to mention a long list of dietary needs.

7 Essentials to the Perfect Engagement Party

I just adore a good love story and right now the air if filled with happy couples floating on clouds, as they have gone from “just dating” to “getting married.” They are giddy with excitement of this big step and the impending wedding day where they will become one. It is a time that should be celebrated and shared. An engagement party is like the beginning right of passage to the moment down the aisle.

4 Elements for the Ultimate Oscar Party

Right now, Hollywood Glam is huge for weddings. With all the lights, drama, and glamor its not hard to see why. The Oscars are coming up soon and I thought it would be fun to help you create the Ultimate Oscar party. If we take our cues from Hollywood Glam, meets Great Gatsby, meets Regal Cinema I think we've got a winner. Here is what you will need to put on a fabulous, fun, and chic Oscar Party.


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