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The Wedding Gown Glossary

the wedding gown glossary

The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Not only do you want to look amazing, you want to feel amazing too. But the world of wedding dress shopping, designing, and creating can be intimidating. Don’t worry. This blog was created to remove all the fear of dress shopping.

What Should Mom Wear? Styles and Tips for Mom's Wedding Day Look

So you have toiled and toiled; spent countless hours of looking and trying on to finally have selected your perfect dress. You’ve begun to choose your bridesmaids gowns and then you come to Mom. Most of the time, couples don’t have much input on what Mom is wearing. And if you don’t care, skip to the 3rd paragraph.What should Mom Wear to the Wedding

DESIGN TIP - Where should you go to find Mom a dress for the Wedding?

{{DESIGN TIP}} Where do you go to find Mom a stunning dress for your big day? Here are my 2 suggestions:

Posh Bride Photo Shoot at Morais Vineyards Bealeton, Virginia

I am ecstatic to share my latest photo shoot and project with you. Stephanie Leigh Photography has captured my design beautifully. As many of you know I have been working on a new line of wedding gowns as part of my new branch, Edgy & Elegant Bride. These gowns are vivid and bold. They are cutting edge fashion that mix couture elegance with offbeat wonder in a new edgy way. My most recent gown is a design I call, Posh.

Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Fashions

This biggest night in Hollywood took place last night...the Oscars. Anyone who is anyone knows the Stars come out to strut their stuff on the red carpet. The fashions are hot, the awards are intense, the speeches are always a surprise. It was obvious that this year's red carpet was dominated with softer hues like white, cream, nude, silver, and pops of gold. There weren't many wearing brighter colors as we have seen in the past.


TRENDSPOTTING - The Runway shows are always so much fun, and you NEVER know what you will see. What you see today will become this falls hot fashion trends. As I told you earlier in the week, the 2014 Fall Fashion Show is going on in New York City (actually they wrapped up on Thursday). It was obvious that FAUX FUR was hot, hot, hot. It showed up in so many of the designers styles. What I loved the most was it appeared in nontraditional colors, like emerald green or deep purple.

Fall 2014 Fashion Week

fall 2014 new york fashion weekYou may or may not know, but in the wedding and event industry many of the trends start their life on the runways. Then they filter their way into celebrity hands for upcoming red carpet events, before making it onto the local scene.

5 Trends from the Fall NY International Bridal Market

Last week the NY International Bridal Market wrapped up its fall 2014 showcase. It was 5 days of pure wedding bells bliss as the runways were light up with fantastic fashions for every type of bride. These designs will start making their way into the bridal salons shortly after the first of the year, in plenty of time of next year's fall weddings. Each seasonal launch brings new and exciting trends and this one was no different.

7 Reasons to Have A Custom Wedding Dress Created As Unique as You

We live in a time of complete wedding personalization and customization (which I adore). AND wedding fashions are slowly starting to come around, yet most of what is worn is still mass made. Huh?! So let you me ask you,

"Why would you wear a dress that NOT as unique as YOU?"

Creating the POSH Wedding Dress

Most of you know how much I enjoy the design process and that I am a bit edgy with my designs. However, I still keep them super classy. My goal is to make you STOP and look at the design. Love it or hate it. Being on the cutting edge of fashion can make for some harsh critics, but before you ultimately decide whether you thinks is fabulous or awful I think you would benefit from understanding how much work goes into a single design. That's way I invite you to come on this journey with me. It's a behind the scenes look of what it takes to create one of my Couture Wedding Dresses.


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