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I help wedding couples, event hosts, & wedding professionals design and create custom weddings, events, & decor through design inspiration and consulting. My design style ranges from elegant to edgy, and couture to off-beat with an insanely creative use of unexpected materials. My keen eye for luxury ensures your... more.
The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Not only do you want to look amazing, you want to feel amazing too. But the world of wedding dress shopping, designing, and creating can be intimidating. Don’t worry. This blog was created to remove all the fear of dress shopping. Let... more.
December 18th was the return of Star Wars through the new movie "The Force Awakens." With this newest movie we will see a new crowd of wedding couples flocking to create their version of Star Wars. Truth be known that I adore this series and think having a Star Wars wedding can be so much fun. Here are my... more.
  I am an avid wine lover. My husband and I enjoy exploring wineries all over the country. I am lucky enough to live in a region filled with hundreds of wineries that are only minutes from my home. The Shenandoah Valley & Northern VA area create the perfect growing conditions for some many types of grapes. We... more.
As I spend time with couples in my area it is no wonder why this Boho Chic wedding trend is on the rise. The Chambersburg PA and the Appalachian Valley simply scream this theme. :::ONE CHAMBERSBURG PA BOHO COUPLE'S STORY::: I recently had a couple come to me and ask how they could infuse her finances' love... more.
As the reception rolls on it’s nice to have a place to kick back and rest moment. Creating a Lounge area is perfect to achieve this. Perhaps you create a lounge escape away from the music and other guests….as a place to catch your breath. Or take your dance floor and transform the area into a night club with... more.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Today I thought it would be fun to check out all the lucky charms that are associated with weddings. Throughout the centuries, weddings from all types of backgrounds and cultures have shared one common element. Each of them has a tradition, or superstition depending on how you look at it, of... more.
Your ceremony is an integral part of your wedding day. With all eyes on you and your partner the alter space in which you say "I do" should look amazing. I adore creating personalized designs for my clients. Here are some of my favorite arches, chuppahs, and mandhap designs, from around the web, that show of 3... more.
I have a daughter who is FULL of energy and can not sit for long periods of time. Most kids under the age of 10 are like this. If you are planning on having children at your wedding or event then you need to take special care of these extra special guests. I am a huge fan of creating exclusive tables just for kids that are... more.
Bringing a new life into this world is indeed a reason to celebrate. Those little bundles of joys simply change your life forever. Whether it's your first child, second, or fifth. Whether its your first grandchild or twentieth. Each child will have their own gifts, their own personalities, and their own journey.... more.


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