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SQUEAL!!!! I am so excited that the Pantone 2016 spring wedding color picks have just been released. These colors will guide couples in their 2016 spring wedding design and color palettes. I am totally in love with their selections. These colors puts a fresh contemporary and sophisticated spin on true spring classics that... more.
Here in the Appalachian Valley of PA I don't see many couples opting for a Steampunk wedding, it's pretty rural and rustic around here. Frankly, it's too bad that they don't. This area has so many wonderful venues that would work perfectly for a Steampunk wedding, as well as, the abundance of historical... more.
After I was recently married I heard a news report of a man who had been married 50 times! Whoa...what?! Digging further he made this claim as he and his wife had renewed their vows every year for the past 50 years of their marriage. Ahhhh. I fell in love with that thought. I personally believe that every couple should... more.
I know that you’ve watched the shows, read the magazines, and seen the pictures on the web of these grand centerpieces, loaded with flowers, setting atop massive glass vases (or other structures). These images are planted in your brain and become part of your wedding dream. What girl won’t want to walk into the... more.
This past summer I had the pleasure of designing a Downton Abbey photo shoot at the Historic Boydville Estate in Martinsburg WV. The WV property has a long standing history spanning over 200 years. The goal of this wedding design was to showcase the property and all the participating wedding professionals while giving... more.
I just adore fall. It is literally my favorite time of year and now that I live in the Appalachian Valley of PA & Shenandoah Valley I love fall even more. The stunning trees in their magnificent colors. So many amazing fall festivals at local farm and wineries. I am so blessed. This is a quick video of some of our best... more.
Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, with the cool refreshing air on your face, the smell of cedar burning in the fireplace, and sipping on warm apple cider. I am lucky enough to live in the Panhandle of WV along the Shenandoah Valley VA where the trees put on a show of color as their leaves change from emerald... more.
I have always LOVED and admired the design beauty of Indian & South Asian Weddings. They exemplify the use of color, an eye for details, and showcase grandeur in every way. This coming year I am excited to be serving this niche wedding market. I have spent the last year researching, reading, and working with area... more.
I hear this statement all the time. "I can't visualize my wedding." I understand. Not everyone can. But visualizing your wedding before you start booking and purchasing items is super important. Otherwise, you run the risk of having puzzle pieces that later won't fit into your wedding day puzzle. It... more.
‪ To maximize your budget take careful selection of your venue. Select a venue that has built in design features such as architecture, gazebos, fountains, flooring, amazing grounds, etc. It should give off the feeling you want your wedding or event to have. A Barn or Vineyard for a rustic feeling. A ballroom for a... more.


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