The 3 P Words that Should Never Describe Your Wedding

Imagine this -- >> You and your significant other head out to dinner at one of the fanciest places in town. I mean this is the kind of place you get dressed up for and have to have a reservation to get in. You spent time putting on our makeup, doing your hair, and picking out the perfect outfit. A real romantic dinner for two. You get there and sit down at the table when you realize that the linens are a plastic. Plastic! You order and then are served your first course on a paper plate. What?! A paper plate? Seriously, this is supposed to be a fancy and formal?

Not what you expected, was it? Now tell me, what DID you expect?3 ps that should never describe your wedding

I would have expected fabric linens and a real plate to eat on at a minimum. Well, your wedding guests do to. They didn’t come all this way, take time out of their busy schedules, paid to travel, to share in your moment, share a celebratory meal to be served on plastic table cloths and paper plates. However, I hear many couples who lean this way to save money. AGHHHHHH!!!!!

Ask yourself how you want your big day to be remembered. Go ahead, close them. Then what 3 words do you want to come to mind and your guests to say? Fun, beautiful, stunning, etc. Not paper, plastic or potluck.  That’s right, these 3 “P” words should never be used to describe your wedding.

For the record, let me say there is a time and a place for these to occur, such as a child’s birthday party or at your home BBQ.  Just not at ANY formal event or wedding.

#1) Paper – Paper products used for stationary, signage, and photo booth props is perfect. These type of elements add to the overall design ascetic of your event. Paper products should not be used for tablecloths or dishes. The ONLY exception is at the kids table. If you want to wrap it in Kraft paper so they can keep busy coloring, I am all for it, but not at guest tables.  

#2) Plastic – In my experience there isn’t much use for anything plastic at a wedding, other in a handful of props or maybe containers. It most definitely is a no, no in my book for tablecloths or dishes. If you budget correctly, maximize the money you spend, fabric linens and real plates are worth every penny you will spend, and honestly they are not that expensive. Linens and dishes are way cheaper than other elements in your wedding, such as centerpieces, and yet have a HUGE impact on the overall look. Don’t skimp here.

#3) Potluck – This word causes the hair on the back of my neck to stand on end. I understand that food is a big expense in your wedding budget. However, asking people to bring food to your vows is just plain tacky. Don’t get me wrong, if you are trying to incorporate Grandma’s famous dish into your reception offerings (which I think is an awesome idea) have her work directly with the caterer. There are other ways to save on your food expenses without having guests bring food; try this article I wrote: 16 ways to High Style Food without the High Style Expense.

***Designing and planning a wedding is a big task, don’t be lured into to the “we have to save money” game leading you to skimp and the paper, plastic, or potluck mentality. Instead, make sure you have a good wedding design plan and your realistic wedding budget in place. If you are struggling with those 2 aspects call me (304-260-6446) or email me at Kristi.richardson {at} for a one hour Wedding Design Review consultation. It’s worth every penny and you will be thanking me on your wedding day.***



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