3 Easy Napkin Folds That Can Have Big Impact on Your Table Design

Today I want to talk about a little detail that can have a BIG punch on your table design. Hi-ya!

What is it? It’s the napkin.

You know that little thing on the table that is usually rolled up holding the silverware. <gag!> Well this little detail can do so much more. I want to show you my 3 favorite ways to use the napkin to bring more interest and pop to any place setting.  (Plus, they are super easy and cost you only time to fold them. How cool is that?)

First off, let me say your napkin should be a complimentary color to your overall event color scheme. So please don’t just use white, because it the only color the venue offers. Napkins rent for around a dollar (depending on your geographical location) and the colored napkin is worth the investment.

Okay, off to Napkin fold #1.  The tri-fold drape. By far the easiest to do. Simply fold the outside edges to the center to form three sections and drape. You can drape under a plate and over a charger or right under the plate on the table cloth. AND if you don’t have plates, drape to one side of the place setting and place silverware on it. Perfect for a more casual affair with a buffet.

Napkin fold #2. The pocket. This fold takes a bit more to prep but is a stylish classic. Fold the napkin over so it’s almost in half, but leaves about an inch on one side. Then take the folded edge on turn under creating a small “pocket lip”. Then fold outside edges to the middle. And a pocket is formed. Perfect to add a menu card or silverware to. I typically place them directly in the middle of the plate.

 Alright, Napkin fold #3. The bow tie. This fold is the most complicated of the 3 but really elevates your design and is perfect for a more formal event. Begin by folding outside edges to the middle. Then giving a quarter turn fold those outside edges to the middle. Then on the longest sides, fan fold 3 times. Hold in the middle. Tie with ribbon, rope or wire.

So there you have it. 3 super simple, ways to use your napkin fold to elevate your table design.

I absolutely adore weddings. I love all the design and planning it takes to make them amazing! If you are stuck for more ideas, shoot me an email or a text (numbers at the bottom of the page) and I will help you get the creative juices flowing. Please leave your comments below for all to share.

Happy Planning!



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