Who Do I Buy Flowers For? Wedding Flowers at a Glance

I am often asked, "Do I need to buy flowers for this person? Who do I buy flowers for? What should they have?" To give you a short answer on who should you purchase wedding flowers for........any individual you would like to honor (and be recognized) during your wedding, regardless of their actual participation in the wedding ceremony or reception. To clarify, if you want to honor your Great Grandmother who will be at the wedding, even though she is not walking down the aisle, doing a reading, or a special dance, you would purchase a corsages for her.  It's that simple.

I also want to give one quick piece of advice. It is better to purchase a flower for the individual if you are unsure they will be attending; than not to purchase a flower and hurt someone's feelings. Okay, now onto the list.

who do I buy wedding flowers for in my bridal party?


Bride: The bride typically carries something; whether its a bouquet (made from of flowers, greenery, ribbon, buttons, or brooches), a purse, or a parasol. The bouquet style can vary from a simple to hand-tied grouping to a designer pomander, and everything in between.

Style Options:

  • Cascade Bouquet
  • Hand-tied (Garden) Bouquet
  • Crescent Bouquet
  • Pomander Bouquet
  • Fan Bouquet
  • Arm Bouquet
  • Purse
  • Parasol

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Q: How do I know what type of bouquet to choose?

A: There are several factors to consider when selecting your bouquet style.

  1. You need to consider the formality of your event. A more formal affair will call for more sculpted and traditional formations, such as cascading bouquets or tight grouped posies.
  2. Style of your wedding gown. Gowns with simple, elegant lines will look fabulous with a small gathering of calla lilies tied off with a ribbon, while ballgowns will look better with hand-tied round bouquets. Also, if you have selected a wedding gown because of the intricate embroidery, beading or pattern, make sure that the bouquet you choose will not completely hide this beautiful feature.
  3. Your budget. Hand-tied bouquets take less time to design than cascade bouquets and therefore are typically less expensive. Seasonal flowers will usually be less expensive, over their exotic counterparts.
  4. Your weight & height. Ensure the bouquet you choose fits proportionately to your body shape. Tall brides will need longer bouquets, while larger brides will need their bouquets to have wider diameters.


Bridesmaid: The bridesmaids typically carry bouquets of flowers, but is not required to do so. If carrying flowers, their bouquets are generally smaller than the Bride’s bouquet and vary in color scheme, yet the bouquet should be complimentary to the selected wedding color palette. Bridesmaids may carry other decorative elements, such as parasols, lanterns and purses.

Style Options:

  • Hand-tied (Garden) Bouquet
  • Pomander Bouquet
  • Cone Bouquet
  • Scepter Bouquet
  • Parasols/Umbrellas
  • Lanterns/Candles
  • Purse Bouquets





wedding flowers at a glance, who do you need to buy flowers forGroom: The Groom typically wears a boutonniere of flowers, greenery, herbs, berries or more expressive with shells, toys, etc. However, no boutonniere is worn if the Groom is in military uniform. The boutonniere is complimentary to the Bride’s bouquet and contains more floral material than the Groomsmen boutonnieres. 

Groomsmen: The Groomsmen wear a boutonniere that will contain less floral material than the Groom’s and is complimentary to the bridesmaid bouquets.

Father’s: They may wear a boutonniere, but are not required to do so. However, if Mother’s are wearing corsages, Father’s should wear boutonnieres. Also, Step-Father’s should be included, if attending, and if the other Father’s are wearing boutonnieres. (Step-Father’s may request not to be recognized by wearing a boutonniere, but this decision is solely at their discretion.) The boutonniere is commonly a single flower in a color other than the Groom or Groomsmen, but complimentary to the wedding color palette.

Grandfather’s: They may wear a boutonniere, but are not required. If a boutonniere is worn, it is typically a single flower (rose bud) and in white or cream coloring. (White Rose color stands for purity and respect).

Ring Bearer: It is customary for the ring bearer to be honored with a boutonniere, usually the same color as the Groomsmen, just smaller in size. However, many couples dress the Ring Bearer as a smaller version of the Groom and therefore would have a similar boutonniere as the Groom.

Other Honored Guests: Other men to wear a boutonniere are ushers, vocalists, readers, extended family members, wedding day helpers and/or the officiate(s). Again, these can be any complimentary flower (commonly a single flower or rose bud) and in any color complimentary to the wedding color palette.



Mother’s: Mother’s of the Bride & Groom should be recognized by wearing a corsage. The corsage contains between 3-5 flowers and is commonly worn on the wrist. The corsage should be slightly different than the Bride & Bridesmaid bouquets, but complimentary to the wedding color palette. (Do not attempt to match your Mother’s bridal attire. This will create increased difficulty in planning and will look intrusive in the wedding pictures.)

Style Options:

  • Corsage
  • Small Hand-tied (Garden) Bouquet
  • A Purse Bouquet or Decorated Purse

Grandmother’s: They may wear a corsage, but are not required. If a corsage is worn, it contains 1-3 flowers and is worn on the lapel. The flower are commonly roses and in white or cream. (White Rose color stands for purity and respect).

Style Options:

  • Corsage
  • Decorated Purse

Flower Girl: Normally, the flower girl carries a basket of flowers to drop petals before the Bride comes down the aisle. However, a corsage can be a great alternative if your flower girl is between the ages of 8 to 11. This age group is usually considered too old for the traditional flower girl role, but is too young to be considered a junior bridesmaid.Wedding flowers at a glance. Who do you need to buy flowers for

Style Options:

  • Corsage
  • Flower Girl Basket
  • Flower Wand
  • Small Bouquet
  • Toy decorated with Flowers


Other Honored Guests: Other women who may wear a corsage are female ushers, vocalists, readers, extended family members, wedding day helpers and/or officiate(s). Again, these can be any complimentary flower and color, while either the wrist or lapel style is acceptable.


This list will help ensure you accurate account for all your bridal party flower needs. If you're stressed out over designing your bridal party flower needs contact me at 304-260-6446 or request a consultation.


Happy Planning!


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