Design Tip: To Match or Not to Match....the Color Dilemma

Ladies, I understand the need, desire, and hope to color match every aspect of your wedding. It sounds like a really great idea. I know you want to create a cohesive wedding look, but your wedding design will look higher end if you vary your hues, shades, and textures. Plus, you are going to drive yourself crazy if you try to this. <Trust me. I have had clients insist on this and we were custom airbrushing & dying everything>

Your wedding flowers should be in the same color family, only a lighter shade or a darker shade. Otherwise, if they match perfectly, they will completely disappear into your bridesmaid dresses and will not be seen in the wedding pictures. Why pay for flowers you can't see?wedding color palettes, selecting wedding colors

Like I always tell my clients, "Try to envision what your wedding pictures will look like when everyone in the bridal party is standing together".

Another place to be careful is on your reception tables or any other place where you will be layering the same color on top of one another. Instead, go with your accent color or your base color. So, if you have chosen a sage tablecloth, then make sure your plates are not sage. (White/Ivory with a sage pattern would be better) Then WOW them with the napkin in your accent color, like ice blue or coral.

As a general rule of thumb, when you are selecting a color palette, you want to choose 4 colors: a light, a dark, a medium, and an accent. Make sure you use your accent sparingly...but throughout your event.

I want to strongly encourage you not to get hung up on matching the color exactly. You will add unnecessary stress to your wedding planning and for no good reason. Colors will take on a different look, depending on the lighting, their texture, the company, when they were dyed, how long ago, have the been sitting in the sun, etc. With that number of variances, you can't possible control all of them at the same time.

As long as your colors are in the same family, just varying in shades, everything will look stunning and coordinate beautifully. <Promise>

If you're stressed out over designing your wedding contact me via email or by phone.


Happy Planning!


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