Summertime = Party time! 7 Important Keys to Making the most of your Summer Galas

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Now that summer weather is here, the kids are almost out of school, Memorial Day is drawing near, and the 4th of July is quickly approaching, many of you will have some sort of party outdoors this summer. BBQ’s, pool parties, and campfires dominate the family calendar. I know at our house we have my daughter’s birthday, a trip to my folks, a firework dinner, and a Mom's Club picnic just to name a few.

summertime = party timeBut with these warm days and long nights can bring on different party planning & design challenges. In this month’s newsletter you will learn tips on making the most of your summer get-togethers. 


  1. Be prepared for bad weather. Mother Nature is extremely unpredictable and can toss a summer pop-up storms at you in a matter of moments. Make sure you have a back-up plan for your party or at a minimum a place to go while the storm moves through. If you have tents make sure to properly weight and tie them down so the wind will not blow them over.
  2. Don’t get burned. Warmer temperatures means loads of sun. Provide your guest areas of shades to keep cool either with tents, canopies, umbrellas, or natural shade elements (like large trees). A “Sun Bar” loaded with sunscreen, large sun hats, sunglasses and water is sure to be a big hit for your event.
  3. Be menu minded. Warm temperatures can spoil foods quickly if they are not properly prepped food. Opt to keep food out of the direct sunlight, if possible and have ice bowls to keep certain foods cool. Skip fast spoiling items like dairy foods and opt for fresh fruits, nuts, etc.
  4. Keep the bugs in check. Bugs can down right ruin a party. Take the time to spray the area ahead of time with a bug fogger. Add bug spray to your “sun bar” to ensure guests won’t get bit. Place food netting domes over open dishes to keep bugs from sampling your food. A screen house is great to keep bugs out, but many of them are not larger enough for all your guests. Place bug deterrents around your party, like candles torches, and traps to cut down on pests as the sun goes down.
  5. Seating for more than 10 guests can get tricky. I am not a huge fan of asking guests to bring their own seat (unless party is spontaneous without much planning). Basic folding chairs can be rented for very less than a couple of dollars a chair.
  6. Keep kiddos busy. Kids can grow tired and restless, if they become bored. Make sure to set up a variety of activities; like a chalk station, lawn games, bubbles, crafts, swimming or water play, or other outdoor sports.
  7. Signs help all. The more guests you have the more labeling food, drinks, play areas, and restrooms can be super helpful. Plus, they give you a chance to infuse a little more décor into your event. These don’t have to be professionally made, create on the computer, draw by hand, or scrapebook signs.

If you need help planning and designing your summer party contact me via email or at 304-260-6446 for more information on our Special Occasion Planning & Design Services.

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