How to Select Your Bridal Bouquet

I am a firm believer that your bridal bouquet should be an expression of your style in flowers. I consider it an integral part of your bridal fashion just as much as the shoes on your feet. I get many questions on how to choose a bouquet. As there is no wrong answer I wanted to provide some tips and suggestions. However, it is a choice that is completely up to the bride couple.

How to Select a Wedding Bouquet:::Formality of Wedding:::

Formal Setting - if the wedding is formal (therefore in a religious setting and the bride is wearing a long trained dress) a cascading bouquet will work best. However, tight round bouquets and posies are also fitting.

Casual Setting - if the gown is more simplistic, as well as other elements (tuxedos, bridesmaids dresses and time of day) I would suggest a hand-tied bouquet of loose stems leaving the stems exposed and tied off with ribbon.

Themed Events or Destination Setting - here you can really have fun. Themed events and destination settings call for more exotic looks such as floral parasols, tropical fan renditions, or floral scepter designs. (Again, look at the other elements of our event.)

:::Style of Gown:::

Formal Dress - if the bride has selected a gown with a long train and/or consists of detailed beading I would suggest a cascade bouquet or a tight round bouquet. Another beautiful option to show off the beading would be an arm bouquet (such as 5 grand calla lilies with full stems).

Simple Dress - If the gown has simple clean lines and minimal beading, I would suggest a hand tied bouquet of loose stems tied off with ribbon, but leaving the stems exposed. Last, but not least, if the gown is trendy a more contemporary bouquet (such as a crescent, fan, "dutchess" composition or cone style) will compliment the look.

Tall and Thin - for brides with this body style arm bouquets, floral scepters and slimmer cascades will only enhance their body shape.

Under 5'5" - For shorter brides I would suggest round bouquets, posies, hand-tied or pomander designs.

Full Body - For more voluptuous brides I would suggest slim cascades, hand-tied, or round posy bouquets.

:::Height & Weight of Bride::: it is important that the bouquet look proportionate to the individual carrying the bouquet. So height and weight are important. A smaller Bride shouldn't want to be hidden behind a huge cascading bouquet and a larger Bride shouldn't want to carry an undersized bouquet that could make her look bigger than she is.

:::Know Your wedding colors::: I know this sounds like a no brainer, but I want to touch on two important things here. First, flowers don't need to match exactly.  Let me repeat that; your flowers do not have to match exactly. Flowers in the same shade or hue will look fabulous and the slight contrast will allow you to see them in photographs against your wedding parties gowns. Remember what I said out your lavish dress....the same thing applies here. Don't pay for flowers you can't see. The second biggy is it's okay to use a wide variety of flowers in your wedding palette. (In fact I encourage it) Each flower adds texture and/or depth that will help create a real designer look.

:::Know Your budget::: Hand-tied bouquets take less time to design than cascade bouquets and therefore are typically less expensive. As a general rule, the more sculpted the flowers the more costly. Seasonal flowers will usually be less expensive, over their exotic counterparts. Don't be afraid to be honest about what you budget or your expect price range is for your wedding flowers. Keeping it a secret will not help you get a better price, nor does it help you get the best designs for your budget. Your wedding flower professional WANTS to help you. Give them all the information they need upfront. This will also save time for both you and your floral professional.

If you follow these suggestions in assessing your event you will make the perfect bouquet selection. Still struggling with your wedding flowers? Contact me for help at 304-260-6446

Happy Planning!


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