2014 Wedding Trend Predictions

It is hard to believe that we are getting ready to head into the last 4 months of this year. Wedding season here in the Panhandle of WV will slow down slightly as we approach the middle of Nov and then all eyes shift to 2014. The wedding industry continues to evolve every year (and is getting better & better in my opinion). I am delighted that couples (and the industry) are really embracing individuality of all things weddings. This coming year is sure to be bright, bold, and 100% customized to every couple. Here are my 10 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2014. Enjoy!!!

  1. Blue Bounces Back - Don't get me wrong, as navy has been on the scene and is not going anywhere. But other beautiful shades are on the rise. Like these shades of Indigo. (What a wild twist on a denim classic).2014 Wedding Trend Predictions
  2. Mellow Yellow -How do you feel about YELLOW? I have to say this color is sneaking into soooo many color combinations lately. Most of the pairing I have encountered are with a rich deep Purple (which is vibrant and classy). I think we will continue to see more of this cheery number in the future ahead.
  3. Charcoal Gray - the new neutral. I love gray and how it can an element of class & sophistication simply by being in the color palette mix. It's been used many a time in place of black, but why not other base colors too (like white, cream, or tan). It pairs just as well with so many colors.
  4. The Black Tie Event - Many of you know me...I thrive on High Style, love Luxury Wedding Design but I have a casual attitude. I am delighted to say with the help of the movie Great Gatsby the Black Tie Formal is making a comeback, but with a whole lot of new fun thrown in.
  5. Printed Gowns - I adore fashion and I am thrilled that gowns are getting more and more expressive all the time. First came color (YEAH!!!), now comes bold prints for wearable art (my favorite kind).
  6. Lace, Lace, & Lace - Lace it's self is not a new concept, but how it's being used in today's weddings is exciting.
  7. Foiled - invitations getting a foil treatment for a stunning and dramatic look.
  8. Gingham GAGA -This classic old time print your grandmother grew up with is making a bold comeback, but with a modern new twist. It's not just for the Vintage, Shabby Chic, or Country girl anymore. 2014 Wedding Trend Predictions
  9. Simple Sensation = big drama. Don't be fooled, simple doesn't mean without style. Many couples want their wedding to be intimate and simple, but not un-stylish. GOOD NEWS, great thing is that you can simplify your overall wedding design without sacrificing the feel (or mood you want) by picking your spots. It's better to prioritize your budget and make a grand large scale statement then spread your decor to thin. (I use this technique all the time when helping my wedding clients create over the top events.)
  10. Anything Goes - You got it. Couples today are free to be more & more expressive with their overall wedding day design concepts. If it speaks to them, shares their story, is something they love, then away they go. Anything to everything. From classic to wacky, to bold & simple. I just LOVE it!!! (And I can't wait to help so many more couples in 2014 design the wedding of their dreams)

If you are getting married in the Panhandle WV, Shenandoah Valley or Northern VA, Frederick or Hagerstown MD in 2014 it's not too early to start designing & planning your big day. Contact me via email or at 304-260-6446 for more information on our Wedding Design services.


Happy Planning!


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Photo Credits: Indigo Blue Wedding Inspiration Board / Couple with Ribbon/Crepe Paper Ceremony Piece / Blue Print Wedding Dress

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