2016 Wedding Trends

I am so excited that 2016 is here. Engagement season is in full swing and couples will soon begin their wedding planning journeys. The big question is. "What wedding trends can we expect to see going into 2016?"

I adore that we are in the wedding age of personalization, customization, and self expression. Wedding couples can really plan their big day with themselves in mind. No more traditional rules, so we can focus on their story. Couples are expressing their styles in so many ways. From custom gowns, to colors, to unusual themes, to music, to food, and everything in between. If it’s about them then it’s in. You can tell this philosophy is at the heart of the upcoming 2016 Wedding Trends.

2016 Wedding Trends

I have been watching and listening for signs of what to expect in the 2016 wedding season. I have put together a list of 10 wedding trends that I believe we will see next year. Read through and see if you agree or if you have additional trend predictions.

1.) Intimate Weddings will be BIG. I said this last year and expect this trend to get even bigger this year. Wedding couples are shifting their focus when planning their wedding to spend quality time with their with their closest loved ones. Please don't think that this mean that these intimate celebrations won't be 100% decked out, because they will. By having a intimate wedding couples can better utilized their wedding budgets to the fullest, skip the stress of unwanted guests, and spend more quality time  with the ones they love.

2.) Boho Chic replaces vintage. I have been saying for years that this style will be huge. It allows way more freedom than vintage in combining multiple layers of eclectic elements. It perfectly pairs the old and the new with the urban and outdoors. 2016 wedding trends

3.) Bridesmaid Mix & Match Gowns. Couples love that their bridesmaids can show more personality and have better fit by opting for gowns of different styles or the same gown, but in different colors, shades, or hues.

4.) Floral Crowns and hair embellishments. No boho wedding is complete without a floral crown, but these adornments are working their way into destination weddings, vows in the woods, or standing in garden. And if you're not into the full blown crown, tucking flowers, beads, jewels, will enhance your wedding day hair style.

5.) Braids, Braids, & more Braids. Since The Hunger Games hit the scenes braids have been gaining moment, but next year braids of all styles will grace the aisles.

2015 Wedding Trends6.) Roll up Food Trucks & Stations.  Many couples are looking for elements that are fun & memorable for their guests. Food trucks, rolling bars, ice cream bicycle carts, and more are making appearance at receptions.

7.) Rustic Barns Get "Blinged" Up. The barn wedding has been hot, hot, hot for the last 3 years but what we have seen is a move from country rustic to a barn loaded with high style glam. Crystal chandeliers, ghost chairs, mirror tables all inside that 100 year old wood for a dramatic effect.

8.) Cocktail Receptions & Food Stations are the new way to party. Couples want more time to spend with guests without all the formality making a cocktail style reception the way to go. These style receptions also allow mega opportunity in fun foods and drinks making their way into the party.

9.) The Return of Pastels - when Pantone launched the spring 2016 fashion colors pastels where all over them and then to top the pastel party, Pantone went as far to name 2 colors for the color of the year. (Rose Quartz & Serenity Blue). We will start to see these color pop up in weddings too.

10.) Anything Goes. This is my favorite. I said it last year, but each year it moves us to total personalization. Couples can get married jumping out of an air plane, dressed in Steampunk attire, signing down the aisle, in rock and roll fashion, or anything in between. If it means something to you and tells your story, it's in.

Tell me in the comments below what you think of my 2016 Wedding Trend Predictions.

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Photo Credits: Bridesmaids: Style Me Pretty / Braids: easyhairmodels.org / Cocktail Reception: weddingromantique.com / Barn Wedding: IntimateWeddings.com

Happy Planning!





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