7 Alternatives to the Traditional Flower Girl Basket


Incorporating children into your big day is a great way to add to the celebration and make younger participants feel important, especially in the instance of younger siblings or your own child. As there is no set rule to assign roles solely based on gender, the flower girl role is generally filled with a young girl under the age of 10. (Over 10 then they are classified as Jr. Bridesmaids) With the ideal age is between 5 and 10. This ensures that they understand their role and will more likely be able to perform their role without problems.

Having younger flower girls is quite acceptable, and very cute. I suggest, however, they be escorted by an older participant and not asked to throw rose petals. They can be carried or pulled down the aisle in a wagon.

The original role of the flower girl was to precede the bride, showering her with petals as a symbol of a wish to a happy life and to ward off evil spirits. While, in other cultures the showering of rose petals is believed to aid in fertility. What ever your reason for incorporating a flower girl into your ceremony, she doesn’t have to carry a basket full of petals. So, what alternatives do you have? Tons! Here is a list of 7 ideas you may want to consider.



  1. Floral Wand – the floral wand is great for younger flower girls, as it gives them something to play with during the day. Making them feel like a fairy princess.
  2. Small Bouquet/ Pomander – a small bouquet or pomander works best for older flower girls, near the age of being a Jr. Bridesmaid. Expect to pay more for this option, as it does require more floral materials and time to design.
  3. Small Corsage – providing a flower girl with a corsage, gives her an identifying element in pictures, in the instance she has set her basket down. A corsage is also a great keepsake.
  4. Toy (Teddy Bear) - this is the perfect alternative for flower girls under the age of 5. It provides them with a toy to play with throughout the day, while also giving them a sense of security. The teddy bear can be decorated with a floral collar to match the wedding day colors and is a keepsake for the participant.
  5. Decorated Hoop/Wreath – the hoop or wreath is a symbol of the circle of life and can be decorated to match the wedding day colors. This design works best for an older flower girl. It also can be hung in the home after the event, as a continuing symbol. (For flower girls who are the offspring of the bride)
  6. Decorative Purse – Little girls love to play dress up or imitate their older counterparts. Therefore, giving a flower girl a decorated purse or a purse filled with removal flowers is a great alternative. This is a relatively inexpensive option that once the flowers are removed becomes a keepsake for the little one.
  7. Mini Parasol – this colorful, inexpensive option works best for older flower girls attending in a garden, outdoor, spring, or summer event. This technique also works best if having several flower girls. Adding the flower girls name to the parasol or decorating them in mini florets provides additional personalization to your event.




So, if you’re not in love with the traditional basket, ditch it and select one of these great options. Remember, it’s your day! 

What are you having your flower girls carry? Share your ideas, thoughts and suggestions below. 

Need to have a custom flower girl design created? Contact me for ideas and pricing. 

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