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Modern Valentine's Day Table Design

As an event and wedding designer, I find inspiration everywhere and from everyone around me. I absorb design like a sponge, learning, growing, and celebrating it each day.

How to Design a Steampunk Wedding

Here in the Appalachian Valley of PA I don't see many couples opting for a Steampunk wedding, it's pretty rural and rustic around here. Frankly, it's too bad that they don't. This aresteampunk wedding designa has so many wonderful venues that would work perfectly for a Steampunk wedding, as well as, the abundance of historical locations and antiques you can find around here.

BlogTalk Radio Interview: Design & Decor with Chambersburg PA Wedding Planner & Designer, Kristi Richardson

I was recently interviewed on The Perfect Officants Blog Radio show where I got to talk a little about my style, my business, design, and decor. If you want so great tips on how to get your wedding or event planning started the listen to the recording below.

You'll learn: 

What Should Mom Wear? Styles and Tips for Mom's Wedding Day Look

So you have toiled and toiled; spent countless hours of looking and trying on to finally have selected your perfect dress. You’ve begun to choose your bridesmaids gowns and then you come to Mom. Most of the time, couples don’t have much input on what Mom is wearing. And if you don’t care, skip to the 3rd paragraph.What should Mom Wear to the Wedding

St. Patrick's Day Wedding Design Inspiration Board

The color Emerald Green has been my favorite color for my entire life. (I am a red head, Irish gal, who was born in May). Do I need to say more? Anyway, with the St. Patrick's Day holiday coming up next week, I thought it would be fun to put together a classy and elegant wedding design inspiration board. Enjoy!

Wedding Pros - Are You Letting Your Clients Make These Expensive Wedding Design Mistakes?

As an Event & Wedding Designer in the industry since 2001, couples, hosts, & others wedding professionals look to me to help MAXIMIZE budgets (regardless of what that budget number happens to be) while creating the most memorable wedding or event possible.  I get frustrated when I witness weddings where other wedding professionals are involved and I see these mistakes. I know it isn't intentional. Decor and design isn't their thing. But honestly, its your job as a wedding service provider to give your client's the best you can.

Design Tip: To Match or Not to Match....the Color Dilemma

Ladies, I understand the need, desire, and hope to color match every aspect of your wedding. It sounds like a really great idea. I know you want to create a cohesive wedding look, but your wedding design will look higher end if you vary your hues, shades, and textures. Plus, you are going to drive yourself crazy if you try to this. <Trust me. I have had clients insist on this and we were custom airbrushing & dying everything>

"Jumpstart" Wedding Workshop

wedding planning workshop winchester VA

Are you a newly engaged couple? Are you stuck in your planning, not sure how to bring your vision alive? Do you want to save time and maximize your wedding budget?


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